Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quilted Pillow

Its been awhile. Things are starting to slow down again..... ummm yeah does life ever slow down??????

So this wonderful friend made this awesome quilted purse for me and I loved the idea. So I found some fabric I really love. But then I was like "Do I really need another purse?" and I bought this really fuglly Queen chair that needs a pillow. So I decided to make a mini pillow for my chair.
I picked one design to be quilted one for the back. I also picked up some batting and muslin.
My "travel" pillow is 12x15 so the the fabric needs to be cut to 14x17. Here are some more pics of the amazing fabric.
Then I pinned the front fabric, batting and muslin together.
Then I started to quilt!!! I used a really shinny gold thread doubled up.

Sorry its is blurry. But you can see that I sewed along the lines of the flowers and paisely. Oh and with the gold theard you can only "sew" about a foot or a foot in a half long. The thread is really a pain in the ass to work with. Below is a picture of the back of the quilted piece.
Below is a picture of the fringe that will go along the pillow. I wasnt going to do this but then I saw someone elses pillow and the fringe made ALL the diffarence.
So pin the fringe to the front side of the fabric.
After I pinned the fringe I taped down the fringe with painters tape to keep it out of the way while sewing. Then I sewed along the line closes to the loose hangie pieces!!
The picture above shows the line where I sewed the fringe on. DONT take off the tape!!!! Keep it on until after you finish the pillow. I cut the back fabric so that it is 2 pieces and I made a hem on two off the ends. Then over lapped them by 1.5 inches and sewed the 2 pieces together. Then I laid the back piece on the front piece and followed the line that sewing the fringe made.

Now turn it right side out and take off the tape!!
And stuff with pillow.
Here it is on my fuggly Queen Chair. Yes some day I will recover this chair.