Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shell glasses and frame

My cousin is getting married and her theme is Beach! Around here everything is BEACH and these glasses go for $30.00 a piece!!!! NOPE don't think I'm gunna spend that much (not that she isn't worth it). So on the hunt I went.

The glasses I found at walmart. They were 4 for I think about $5.00.
Next I found the Grout at The Home Depot. I think it may have been around $10.00 but there is quite a bit in it. (I have made 1 frame and 6 glasses and haven't used 1/2 of it) I picked a sand color but a friend of mine picked a white color. She thought she might want to add different colors to it later.

Next I added his and hers and the date of the wedding in a permanent pen. This has to be done on the top of the bottom and backwards so that when you tip the glass to drink this is what you see. You also don't want it rubbing off when cleaning. Now it's time to spackle the grout on and add shells.
These I added a star fish on them. Star fish are hard to come by so the other 4 glasses got sharks teeth.
The frame I did the same way but I painted it first. To save more money you could just take any old frame you have laying around and use it. 
If your wondering. I donated a set of glasses to my son's school for a silent auction and I still have the other 2. Trying to decide who I want to gift them to. They have a smaller stem.