Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Household Printer tray

I most always have a hiding meaning in all the work I do. Most people wouldn't know where to look or what they were looking at. I also really love the printer tray deco that is so hot right now. So I found this tray at Micheals and thought I woould do one that means more then me then what anyone would understand. I have been asked to teach a class on this tray but you cant really put together a kit when everything in this tray has a meaning in my life! Mostly everything in the tray was "found" at my house.
 Over at Tammy Tutterow's blog she did a tutorial on how to make your house out of paper. I loved it! So yes that is my house at the top. If you are looking at my house on the right side is a tea garden that my husband and I built. And on the left side is the boat. As you can see in the tray both of them have their places! I love how the "garden" turned out! I used flowersoft to make the potted plants. I used muddpuddles for the "salt life" side.  

Above is the 4 boxes in the middle. Each person in my family has their own box. Everything in their box has a meaning behind it. The "dolls" and film ribbon are from Tim Holtz. The paper line I used to line the tray is Gabrielle from Bo Bunny.
So as you can see this is a very personal tray!! You can do it also!