Sunday, November 28, 2010


Every year since I had my son I have done a advent calendar. Usually it is just 24 baby socks on a line!!! But this year I got a great idea when I couldn't find a home for my old Coca-Cola case. Like OMG it has 24 holes!!!!!!! 
To make it I used mostly all Tim Holtz product.
After cleaning it up I added Tim Holtz tidings tissue tape to the ends and ran it in the inside.
After the taping I had to find some boxes that would fit into the holes. The only thing I could think of was to whip out the cricut machine. I didn't have the right cartridge but I knew K2 Scrapbook Studio in Sarasota would!!!!!

It took me a few tries but I figured out the right size!!! Which if your wondering is 6 in. Sometimes I wish the circut sizing made more since.

Here is one of the boxes all ready to go. If you look closely the Christmas elf already left a chocolate gold coin!! :)
After cutting 24 boxes out and gluing them together, it was time to decorate. I left the boxes plain because one you only see the tops and two the kids will most likely rip them so why get fancy and be upset when that happens.
I made a 12 x 12 layout to set on top of the case. I thought of using a picture for it but I didn't want to be stuck trying to chose my fav. pic. So I used a frame I found at goodwill and spiced it up. I added ribbon and paper to the frame.
Then I added some snow flakes, a flower and a white Christmas tree to the bottom half.
Below you can see it hanging on my wall along side my countdown calendar. Nope the tree wont stay that way I just haven't gotten the Charlie Brown Christmas DVD yet and that must be on when me and the kids decorate the tree!!!!
YES that shelve is full of things that sing and dance!!! Sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy for putting them in the kids reach.

A close up on the countdown calendar. I made this a couple of years ago at Treasured Memories Scrapbook's & More in Englewood, Florida. Its a 12 x 12 canvas and has an envelope on the back that holds the numbers. The numbers are Velcroed to the canvas.

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