Saturday, November 6, 2010

Palm Frond Crazyness

Howdy, what a week!!!!! So I have a great project that my crafty ladies and I are working on. I have finished one and sooooo ready to start another. I am so in LOVE with these!!!!
From left to right: Becky, Elsa, Patti, Carol, and GiGi
I LOVE these ladies!!! They are the greatest. We laugh till it hurts and get paint on our hands!!! As you can see we are all makin a Santa! I cant wait till we are all done and see how different our techniques are. Everyone should be so lucky as I am to know them.

So we start with a Coconut tree Palm Frond and bleached it. Let it dry and cut to size.

Next we painted the hole thing white. front and back
Then we took to it with our pencils 
And added the paint!!!! To make the white "bumpy" or look like snow we used Snow tex. (Found at Micheals.)
And "WALLA" A palm frond SANTA!!!

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