Sunday, November 21, 2010


First off... Yes I used store bought cake mix and icing!!!! Sorry but I just didn't have the time to do everything. And no I feel NO GUILT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made these cakes for my cousin's son's 1st Birthday. She showed me a pic of what she wanted and I figured out how to do it. I baked for one day and decorated another day. The sizes of my tiers are 6 in, 8 in, and 10in. I baked 3 6 in, 3 8 in and 2 10 in. The cake is a super moist yellow cake and Butter cream whipped icing.

After the cake has baked and cooled I cut the cake so that it is level.

Then I dirty iced them and put them into the freezer to set. This step lets me tell the crumbs where to go and how to stay there. Doing this makes icing soooooooo much easier.

The icing was white so I had to color it to the blue I wanted. A big note here is that you need to have much more icing then you think you need. It is so hard to match a color then to make to much.

Alrighty moving along... Coconut is WHITE!!!!! So we had to make it blue!!!!! I played around with how to dye coconut and found that there is really only one way. PRAYYYYYY!!!!! No really you can not be afraid to get your hands "BLUE". So with that being said... I mixed the Royal Blue icing coloring with a little water and mixed it with the coconut. Then I just repeated this over and over and over until I get all the coconut and color I want. Here you just have to take your time and be patience.

Then I added icing between the layers and stacked. I put 3 bamboo sticks in the take to make it stable.

The icing didn't have to be the prettiest.

COCONUT!!!!!! The only way to put the icing on was with my hands!!! I had to do this in the sink because it is quit messy.

 The eyes and mouth are candy chocolate that I piped into the shapes I needed. My cousin baked mini cookies and I made the sign with card stock and then laminated it so that she could take it off and put it in his scrapbook. As you can see the mouth has a crack in it!!! SHE CAME AND TRIED TO TOUCH MY CAKE AND BROKE IT!!!!!!! DON'T TOUCH MY CAKE!!!!!! ; P Just kidding she can touch it. Its hers...well her childs!!!

This is the Birthday Boys very own cake. Mom had found the head and hands in the Halloween section of Target. It suppose to go into a pumpkin!!!! I think it looks MUCH better here!

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